Video: Despite the recent drama, we look at our favorite Diego Sanchez memories


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If we’ve reached the end of Diego Sanchez’s career, to put it bluntly, it’s been a strange saga to close things out.

Sanchez has been in the news plenty of late, much of it thanks to his coach and manager, Joshua Fabia – who has been called “batsh*t nuts” by UFC president Dana White and has had fighters and fans alike clamoring, even begging Sanchez to ditch him.

The drama train doesn’t show a lot of signs of stopping, particularly with Sanchez saying he fears for his life – that he thinks the UFC might come after him.


But let’s try to flip the script a little bit, at least in terms of what we’re focusing on. We asked our “Spinning Back Clique” panel of “Gorgeous” George Garcia, Brian “Goze” Garcia and Nolan King to talk about their favorite Sanchez memories. They discussed it with host John Morgan.

You can watch their discussion in the video above, or check out this week’s full episode below.


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