Paige VanZant issues a statement following her loss to Rachael Ostovich at BKFC 19: ‘I will always rise’


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Paige VanZant addressed her loss at BKFC 19 to Rachael Ostovich with a simple statement on social media late Friday evening.

After the scores were read and the winner of her main event bout on Friday was revealed to be her opponent, VanZant stormed out of the ring, clearly upset with the outcome of the bout.

After a hard-fought five-round battle against Ostovich, the former UFC strawweight and flyweight competitor found herself on the wrong end of the judges’ scorecards for the second time in a row in bareknuckle competition.

VanZant did not attend the post-fight press conference to address the media. Instead, she offered a short picture message on Instagram following the fight.

The image reads, “I will rise. I will always rise. Don’t you doubt that even for a second.” VanZant offered no additional caption, letting the short but simple message speak for itself.

VanZant dove into the world of bareknuckle boxing earlier this year, taking on Britain Hart in the main event of BKFC: Knuckle Mania in February. Hart, who had a victorious outing on Friday evening against Jenny Clausius, defeated VanZant by unanimous decision.

Now winless in her two BKFC main events, the future for VanZant is unclear. Although she was competitive in both outings, her opponents were able to beat her to the punch and earn the judges’ favor.

Coincidentally, VanZant’s last victory in combat sports competition was against Ostovich at UFC on ESPN+ 1 in January 2019.

Judging by her pre-fight comments and her social media message after the fight, VanZant likely isn’t finished with combat sports.



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