Khaos Williams Plans To Continue Silencing The Doubters After Latest KO Win


Khaos Williams believes he put the welterweight division on notice.

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 14, Williams was taking on Abdul Razak Alhassan in a fight many thought would come down to who would land first. Well, it was Williams who got the knockout just 30 seconds into the fight and pulled off the upset win again.

For Williams, he is not surprised he was the underdog again as he has always been overlooked in his career.

“They just didn’t know. I’m just getting in the UFC, I’ve been doing this, I got Michigan behind me, really the entire mid-west. They saw me come up, they know. That is why I said the people’s champ because I got the people behind me, for real,” Williams said to MMANews. “I’m somebody people like, they know that because this is the real me I come from nothing, I got out of the mud. I’ve been at the bottom. There is a lot of people who have been at the bottom who can relate to me. They just didn’t know that it is, now I’m pretty sure they know.”

Now, since the win, despite Khaos Williams being 2-0 in the UFC with two knockouts in under 30 seconds, people are still doubting him. He has heard all the talk of wait until he fights a wrestler or grappler, which Williams can’t wait for.

The 26-year-old revealed he actually trains wrestling and jiu-jitsu more than striking. Williams knows if has enough skill to stuff the takedown or scramble back to his feet, it will be a good night for him.

“Some people were like ‘oh that was sloppy and blah blah’ and how I would do against a good striker. Okay, y’all just saw what I did against a good striker, a knockout artist,” Williams explained. “Now, I am getting, ‘oh let’s see him against a wrestler.’ I’ve been in there with D-1 wrestlers. We have D-1 wrestlers in the gym. I continue to get better. If you can get me to the ground you will see something. I grapple more than I strike because I know they are scared of my hands and will try to take me down. But, what happens when that doesn’t work?”

The hope for Khaos Williams is to get back in the Octagon sooner rather than later. He plans on staying in shape in case one of the upcoming welterweight fights fall off.

“I’m always ready, this is God’s timing. If they call me and it is looking right, then let’s make something happen,” Williams concluded. “I’m not going out there at my best, I’m not selling myself short because I know my value. I know what I can do when I am at my best.”

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